Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Each CaribePay card carries an electronic representation of the card owner's cash balance. The CaribePay POS terminal securely deducts funds directly from the card, without having to connect to any Internet-based systems.

The CaribePay POS has battery backup power that can power the system for several hours if electricity goes out. In fact, you can use it on batter power or even power it from the cigarette lighter in an automobile.

To sign up as a CaribePay customer, each business needs to provide the following:

  1. Business license
  2. Identification for each person authorized to access or operate the CaribePay account
  3. Articles of Incorporation and Articles of Association for incorporated businesses
  4. Completed CaribePay application form

  • The need to carry and store cash is reduced.
  • Faster checkouts when paying for goods and services.
  • No standing in line at the bank to cash payroll checks.
  • No standing in line at the ATM to get cash.
  • No monthly fees. Just pay as your use it. You don't use, you don't pay. Unlike bank accounts that charge you fees whether you use it or not.
  • Use a person's email adddress or phone number to pay them, anytime, even if the person you're paying doesn't have a CaribePay account.
  • You can pay bills online. No standing in line at the power company!

  • The customer doesn’t pay any fees for using the CaribePay card.
  • The CaribePay card owner doesn’t require a bank account.
  • Businesses that accept the CaribePay card aren't required to have a bank account.
  • Payments with the CaribePay card can be made to any business, even if the business doesn’t have an Internet connection or electrical power.
  • Transactions with the CaribePay card are faster than transactions with debit cards.

There are several ways to top up a CaribePay account, including:

  • Salary via Direct Deposit -- Send some or part of your salary/wages from your employer/job directly to your CaribePay account.
  • Person to Person (P2P) transfer -- Any CaribePay account holder can instantly sends funds to another CaribePay customer.
  • Debit card or credit cards -- securely reload your own CaribePay account, or your friends and family members with your debit or credit card.
  • PayPal -- Instantly transfer funds from your PayPal account to your CaribePay account.
  • Checks -- Got a local check? No problem. Deposit it to your CaribePay account and get instant access to the funds from the check.
  • Cash -- Get rid of you cash! Convert it to e-money and enjoy the safety and security of a cashless life.

No. CaribePay's state-of-the-art system allows the merchant to see your picture from our records so there's no need for you to show a separate ID.

No. Merchants verify your identity via your photo, so you don't need to sign anything. Just tap 'n be on your way!

We hope you never need to handle cash, but if you do, any business that accepts CaribePay can payout cash to you at any time.

It takes less than 5 minutes to apply for a CaribePay account.

You can send funds to anyone, at any time. The recipient doesn't even need a CaribePay account for you to send funds to them. You can do this online or from the CaribePay app. All you need is the person's email address, mobile phone number, or their CaribePay account number.

Yes. You can topup someone from anywhere. It's super easy too, and no hassle for the recipient since the funds go directly into the recipient's account for use immediately.

  • No more taking off from work, finding IDs and going to pickup a money transfer. It comes directly to your CaribePay account so that you can spend the funds immediately.
  • Instantly receive the funds directly into your account.
  • No high fees like with traditional money transfers.

  • “Deployment Minutes” is the total number of minutes that a given CaribePay service has been deployed during a billing month.
  • “Maximum Available Minutes” is the sum of all Deployment Minutes across all CaribePay services used by Customer during a billing month.
  • “Downtime” is the total number of minutes within Maximum Available Minutes during which the CaribePay Service is unavailable. A minute is considered unavailable for a given CaribePay service if all continuous attempts to perform operations throughout the minute result in either an Error Code or do not return a Success Code within five minutes.
  • “Monthly Uptime Percentage” is calculated as Maximum Available Minutes minus Downtime divided by Maximum Available Minutes multiplied by 100. Monthly Uptime % = (Maximum Available Minutes - Downtime) / Maximum Available Minutes x 100.

Service Credit

Monthly Uptime Service Credit
< 98.9 10%
< 98.0 15%